School Safety

School Crisis Response Planning

Providing students safe passage to and from school, and keeping them free from harm while at school must be a priority for all school personnel. Parents trust our Alaska public schools will allow no harm to come to their children while they are in our care and it is imperative we assume this charge with the utmost vigilance and care.

Every year some Alaskan schools will experience a crisis. Such incidents often occur without warning so it is critical that we are adequately prepared to respond at all times. Many disasters can actually be avoided if appropriate safety measures are implemented, and most if not all disasters can be ameliorated if responded to in an orderly, well-planned, and immediate fashion.

This webpage highlights statutory school and district crisis response responsibilities as well as provides helpfulresources to districts/schools seeking to update and strengthen their existing crisis response plans and protocols.

Required School Crisis Response Planning Law (AS 14.33.100)

Each district shall develop a model school crisis response plan for use by each school in the district. Each school in a district shall develop a school specific crisis response plan. Each school shall form a crisis response team consisting of the principal, one certified and one classified member of the school staff, and one parent whose child attends the school. To review these statutes in their entirety, click here.



Emergency Drills (AS 14.03.140)

The principal or other persons in charge of each public or private school or educational institution shall instruct and train pupils by means of drills so that in an emergency they may be able to leave the school building in the shortest possible time without confusion or panic. Drills shall be held at least once each month during the school term, weather permitting.