School Safety

Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying
(AS 14.33.200 - 14.33.250)

This requires districts to have in place by July 1, 2007, a policy prohibiting the harassment, intimidation or bullying of any student. New statutes have been passed at AS 14.33.200 through .250 to implement these requirements. To review these statutes in their entirety, click here.

Policy Samples

On behalf of the Association of Alaska School Boards (AASB), districts may use AASB policy samples as an example in creating their district policy to bring them into compliance with AS 14.33.200-14.33.250. To review the policy samples, click here.


Beginning with the 2007-2008 school year, each school district shall report to the department all incidents resulting in suspension or expulsion for harassment, intimidation, or bullying on school premises or on transportation systems used by schools in the school year preceding the report (districts report all suspension and expulsion incidents by June 30 each year). To access the NCLB Suspensions, Expulsions, and Truancies Online Database, click here.