Assessment, Accountability and Student Information

The New Alaska English/Language and Mathematics Standards (adopted June 2012):

  • Alaska English/Language Arts and Mathematics Standards (adopted June 2012) - pdf, word
  • Alaska English/Language Arts Standards (adopted June 2012) - pdf, word, excel, .txt file
  • Alaska Literacy Standards (adopted June 2012) - pdf, word
  • Alaska Mathematics Standards (adopted June 2012) - pdf, word, excel, .txt file

Driven by a desire to better prepare graduates for college and careers, the department with the support of Alaska educators and stakeholders have created new English/Language Arts and Mathematics Standards to adequately prepare Alaskan students to compete globally. The new more rigorous academic standards clearly outline what students should know and be able to do at each grade level to be globally competitive. The State Board of Education adopted the standards in June 2012.

The department worked with professionals in the field of standards development to assist with the revision process. Karin Hess, senior associate, from the nonprofit National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment (NCIEA) took a leadership role throughout the process. Dr. Hess has over 30 years of deep experience at all levels of education: 15 years as a classroom teacher, and later as school administrator, curriculum and Title I director; state agency specialist; and national consultant in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

The standards do not tell teachers how to teach, nor do they attempt to override the unique qualities of each student and classroom. They simply establish a strong foundation of knowledge and skills all students need for success after graduation. It is up to schools and teachers to decide how to put the standards into practice and incorporate other state standards, including the Cultural Standards.