Advanced Placement (AP) Fee Reduction Program

Making advanced courses accessible to every student
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The Advanced Placement courses provide rigorous course work to prepare students for higher education or to simply challenge their knowledge. These classes can be used for college credit or advanced placement in a program. This program allows students with financial need to take the exams at a reduced cost.

Dear Colleague,

We are writing to provide you with an important update regarding APĀ® Exam fee subsidies for low-income students.

Last year, districts and schools told us that they might have been able to provide supplemental funding to help pay the $10 per exam fee for low-income students if they had learned about the student contribution in the fall rather than the spring. Accordingly, we are reaching out to you now with our estimates for 2014.

While no decisions have been made regarding federal funding for AP Exam subsidies for low-income students, the College Board believes that due to ongoing federal budgetary constraints, funding for the AP Program for the 2014 exam administration may be at the same level as 2013 or lower. In addition, we expect an increase in the number of low-income students who will take AP Exams in 2014. Consequently, we estimate that federal funding will cover approximately $35 per AP Exam. It is important to note, however, that this amount will not be confirmed until Congress passes its FY2014 budget.

The College Board plans to contribute $26 per exam in 2014, increasing our total contribution by around $2 million. Unfortunately, even with the increased College Board contribution, low-income students could face a student contribution of approximately $20 per exam, up from $10 in 2013. As a result, we are concerned that this cost may deter some of your low-income students from taking AP Exams and potentially qualifying for college credit and placement they worked hard for and deserve.

Projected 2014 Low-Income Student AP Exam Fee Breakdown
Federal Contribution $35*
College Board Contribution $26*
Student Contribution $20*
School Rebate (waived for low-income students) $8
Total Fee per Exam $89

*Federal, College Board, and student contributions are estimates.

Our goal in providing you with this information now is to give you sufficient time to plan any local efforts to support these students, such as fundraising. Once the final exam fee subsidies are determined, we will contact your school again in February.

Thank you for your hard work to ensure that all of your students have the opportunity to realize the benefits of AP courses and exams.


Advanced Placement ProgramĀ®


How it Works

A school counselor or other school personnel decide if the student is within the financial guidelines. For 2013, the cost for each exam is $89. The College Board provides a $26 fee reduction and each school is expected to forego the $8 administration fee. A student contribution or $10 will not be required. Pending federal funding, the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development will pay up to $45 per exam.

For more information on the Advanced Placement Fee Reduction Program, the Advanced Placement Incentive Grant Program, or other AP questions, contact your state AP Administrator, Leyla Goudie.

For more information, please visit College Board’s website at

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