Title I-D Neglected & Delinquent

Youth Facilities in the State of Alaska


State-operated institutions and community day programs supported by Part D, Subpart 1 of Title I serve juveniles who are under age 21, lack a high school diploma or its equivalent, and are enrolled in a regular program of instruction. In prior years the statute required all institutions operating Title I N or D programs to target services to children and youth most in need of supplemental services. The 1994 reauthorization of Title I encourages the implementation of institution-wide programs designed to improve the entire educational program and to serve the entire student population in institutions for neglected or delinquent youth. In addition to providing supplemental educational services to students while they are in an institution, program funds also support the transition of children and youth into educational programs or employment after they leave the institution.

Each year the U.S. Department of Education allocates Title I N or D funds to states through a formula based primarily on the number of children and youth in (1) state-operated adult correctional facilities who are enrolled in a regular program of instruction for at least 15 hours per week; and (2) in state-operated institutions or community day programs for neglected or delinquent children who are enrolled in a regular program of instruction for at least 20 hours per week. Each such agency receives an amount proportionate to the number of the state’s eligible youth it serves.

State agencies are eligible for program funding if they are responsible for providing a free public education for youth residing in state-operated institutions or youth attending community day programs for delinquent children and youth.