Regulations Adopted by the State Board & Under Review by the Department of Law

Review of adopted regulations is done first by the Department of Law. After its review, the package is sent to the Lt. Governor’s Office for a final review. The regulation becomes effective 30 days after the Lt. Governor has signed off.

4 AAC 43.035
Changed regulations on the Alaska Performance Scholarship to allow eligible students to request more time to use the scholarship, and to give all students the same deadline for submitting eligibility documents.

4 AAC 06.078
Changed regulations on the assessment of students with disabilities, including students with significant cognitive disabilities.

4 AAC 12.346
Allows for a Type B Limited administrator certificate with a superintendent endorsement. Such applicants are not required to have teaching experience, but they must have experience as an administrator and meet other conditions. The initial one-year certificate may be extended upon meeting conditions.

4 AAC 12.300(g)
Increased the application fees for teacher certificates so that the fees cover the full cost of operating the Professional Teaching Practices Commission, in keeping with state statute and legislative intent.