Alaska Transition to Teaching (AKT2)

Program Costs

The AKT2 program is designed to be a very affordable teacher preparation program. Candidates are given the opportunity to complete the Spring Pre-service Learning and secure a teaching position while still holding their current job.

Program costs at this time are $2,500 and collected over a year and a half to lessen the impact.

Fees are collected according to the following schedule:

  • Phase II Application Fee:
    $250 due with Phase II Application
  • Phase II Interview and Screening Fee:
    $250 due in early January, prior to attending Invitational Screening and Interview
  • Phase III Spring Online Pre-Service Learning Fee:
    $500 due in early February
  • Phase IV Summer Field Experience and Cultural Workshop Fee:
    $500 due in early May
  • Phase V Teacher of Record Year 1 Fee:
    $500 due in early July
  • Phase V Teacher of Record Year 2 Fee:
    $500 due in early June

Additionally, applicants will be responsible for transportation, lodging, and other costs associated with travel to and from Alaska during the Invitational Screening and Interview, during the Summer Field Experience and Cultural Workshop, and to relocate to the community in which they secure a teaching position. Many candidates also choose to attend an Alaska Teacher Placement job fair.

Because no degree is earned, AKT2 candidates avoid tuition costs, though candidates wishing to teach in Alaska after completing the AKT2 program will need to complete two courses required for state certification during the second year of the program.